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India abounds in a variety and diversity of health traditions with the green pharmacy

Playing a major role in the day to day living as well as treatment of various health disorders. It is amazing that the people of India had an incredible knowledge of the medicinal value of plants eons ago and have evolved an extensive medical culture. Not only that, their day to day living was centered on living in harmony with nature, making use of nature’s bounty to achieve optimum health conditions. 

Recent times have witnessed a resurgence of interest in the sagacity and veracity of our monumental heritage. Truth has dawned upon many with a scientific bent of mind that our ancestry had evolved perspicacious ways of living with astute scientific acumen. 

It can be observed that the cooking medium used in various parts of the country were different, according to the climatic conditions as well as the suitability of cultivating the plants. One such oil that has played a major role in the daily comestibles as well as in medicinal preparations, especially among the people of Tamil Nadu, is the sesame seed oil. 

Our forefathers have acknowledged the beneficial aspects of sesame seed oil by adopting it as an important ingredient of the morning meal. Combined with milagai podi or the gunpowder, as it is known, it makes a delicious side dish for idles. This combination of carbohydrate, protein and beneficial fat was considered to invigorate the body and mind to contend with the daily grind. 

The sesame plant has been grown for thousand of years in the tropical belt, extending form Africa to India. The magic words “open sesame” found in the Arabian Nights is inspired by the characteristic bursting open of the sesame pods when the grain is ripe. Due to the presence of certain chemical compounds called lignin’s, sesame seed oil unveils the door to innumerable beneficial physiological effects. 

Sesame seed oil contains powerful antioxidants, which protect cell integrity, block formation of certain carcinogens, and protect fats from being oxidized. It maintains the so-called bad cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins, LDL) in an unoxidized state, which prevents arteriosclerosis. 

Sesame seed oil mimics vitamin E Activity, promoting healthy skin and reproductive functioning and protects against oxidation damage, which contributes to aging, arteriosclerosis and other conditions. Sesame oil has been shown to inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma and colon cancer cells. The antioxidants, which are present in sesame oil, increases when the oil is heated. 

The dark color and nutty taste of unrefined sesame oil, known as gingerly oil or till oil make it good for general cooking. For stir-frying, in refined form, it has a higher smoking point of 410f. (The temperature at which oil begins to smoke and discolor is called its smoking point. Cooking above the smoking point degrades the oil and releases irritating substances into the air and food causing stomach distress). 

This oil extracted from sesame seeds is of very high medicinal quality. Charaka, the great medical authority of Ancient India, has said that of all the oils the Gingerly or sesame oil is the best. That is why it is known as Nalla Yennai in Tamil. 

There’s great news for youngsters from the queen of oils! Sesame oil is friendly to youthful skin, controlling eruptions and neutralizing the toxins that develop both on the surface and in the pores. With sesame oil, no cosmetics are needed. The oil causes young facial skin to remain natural and glow radiantly! So those of you who have been eschewing the traditional sesame seed oil bath can now adopt it in the earnest as a regular ritual!

Sesame seed oil is not an adversary to baby skin too. It protects the tender skin of babies, especially in the areas covered by diapers, against rashes that are caused by the acidity of body wastes. Used in the nose and ears, it is safeguard against common skin pathogens.

A drop of sesame seed oil swabbed in the nose of school going children can do wonders for them, protecting them against air borne viruses and bacteria.

For the senior citizens, a regular routine of sesame seed oil massage in circular motions over all joints stimulates the natural energy of joints. 

Sesame seed oil is believed to invigorate the brain. Therefore, in some countries, a tablespoon of sesame seed oil is added to children’s morning nourishment. Sesame functions. And it has omega EFA and Omega FA, acids that we need on a daily basis. Sesame seed oil has a naturally high content of sesamin, sesamol and sesimolin. Each a powerful antioxidant. 

According to Dr. (Mrs.) Chandra Venkatasubramaniam, Reader in food service management and Dietetics, Department of Home Science, Queen Mary’s College, sesame oil is very popular because of its pleasant mild taste and remarkable stability. It is the most stable naturally occurring liquid vegetable oil. Sesame oil is much sought after because of the presence of natural antioxidants and because of its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Its iodine value is 11.4. Its keeping quality is very good and this oil will not become rancid for several years 

Fatty Acid Composition of Gingelly Oil 

Fatty Acid


Linoleic acid


Oleic acid


Palmitic acid


Stearic acid


Linolenic acid




PUFA Vs Saturated Fats

Dr. Chandra avers that most of the vegetable oils are more unsaturated than fats (from animal origin). Since vegetable oils are free of cholesterol, the risk of developing arteriosclerosis is less in those consuming only vegetable oils, especially oils like Safflower, Sunflower and Sesame oils.

 She says that regular consumption of sesame oil instead of saturated fats has led to 

 :: Twenty percent drop in blood cholesterol
 :: Reduction in the tendency of blood to form clots
 :: Vitamin E in extra amounts is required to prevent formation of toxic  
    peroxides when PUFA is high. (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid).

Sesame seed oil is the queen of oils. Stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight the oil will stay fresh and sweet indefinitely. No wonder that it has been granted the pride of place in South Indian cuisine!



Go For Oil Massage

Our body is composed of five elements viz., Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space in different proportions Man is epitome of universe. World is a macrocosm and man is a microcosm of the universe.

Man must work for about 8 hours a day and take rest. The modern world is full of stress and strain hurry, worry and excitement. He has no physical or moral rest. This has caused many mental and bodily diseases. Irregular in take of food also aids in contracting the diseases.
The best thing to alleviate the disorders of stress and strain is to go for a simple oil massage. The best oil is till oil i.e. gingerly oil. For all pains and aches this is the best oil.
Our ancestors were taking oil bath, especially people of the upper classes and they were having sound body and mind and were able to work hard and face any challenges.

How to Apply oil

Warm the till oil and apply it allover the body from head to foot. You should not rub harshly, roughly while applying the oil as it aggravates pain. The massage must be smooth and comfortable to the body.

How long the massage should be done

After applying the oil, massage with your palm, then stay for about half an hour and take bath.


Regular application of oil will make you live longer. Fatigue and pains will be relieved promotes your eye sight, tones up your body and induces sleep. The high blood pressure and mental disorders will automatically disappear or would be prevented. So if one ha not taken oil bath till now, it is not late to start and become healthy in mind and body and live longer.

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